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Good Eats || A Colorful Salad.

Us Terpilowskis like to eat. We like our pasta, our chicken, our brunches that Rob makes every Sunday morning. We like to gather around our kitchen island and catch up on the day while music plays in the background. Sometimes, it’s a full on meal that I’ve planned and made, sometimes it’s leftovers and sometimes it’s what we like to call “Eat What You Kill Night” when everyone is responsible for getting food into their bellies, food that I don’t have to cook. Because sometimes, a girl need a break and I don’t want to nor do I feel like making a meal. The kids like these nights since it calls for them picking out and making whatever it is that they want with little input from me (“Make sure you get some fruit. Eat the carrots I set out.”)

I do love to cook. It hasn’t always been that way. I think a turning point for me was when I did the Whole 30, back about 3 years ago and I was in the kitchen all.of.the.time. I learned to love mixing different ingredients together, trying new foods I’ve never had before and making our meals as colorful as I possibly could. I still love doing that, even though I’m not on the W30 plan any longer (because of the 4C’s – cheese, chocolate, cocktails and carbs).

Tonight I was wanting a really yummy salad and we had some chicken breasts in the freezer that I wanted to incorporate into our evening meal. I marinaded the chicken in seasoning, garlic and olive oil. I chopped + diced lots of veggies and laid out the toppings so that everyone could pick and choose what they wanted on top of their salad….easy peasy.

I do like the way you can dress up a salad any way that you want. This girl likes options. There will be more salad mixing this summer as we enjoy our dinners out on the back patio.

What do you like to put into your salad?


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