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Cocktails in Belize.

The family and I are headed to the sandy beaches of Belize this summer and WE CANNOT WAIT! This is our first time in Central America and we’re all excited to see what Belize is all about. We’ll be zip lining, cave tubing, ruin exploring, sitting by the pool and enjoying living like a Belizean for a few weeks. One thing I’m looking forward to that I’ve not done much in regular life or on vacation is sitting by the pool, sipping on cold cocktails. I’ve done it like two times in my life because 1). I live in Seattle. There really isn’t a thing as sitting by the pool in Washington. And no, Lake Washington and Puget Sound do not count. And 2). We tend to hit big cities when we vacation as we aren’t really “sitting on a beach and doing nothing” kind of people. But we thought we’d try something new this time around and the idea of just sitting around, actually sounds pretty good right now. We’re in a new season of life….there are big changes happening in our family, so why not do a different kind of vacation? I’m in.

Anyway, if you know me at all, you know I love me a disco ball. The love is deep. I even have one in my kitchen for our impromptu dance offs. And don’t you know, after seeing this I just knew it was made for me and that I must not continue another day without one in my life.

I have a bunch that I like but can’t decide on which one to get. The classic silver one? Or all of the colors? It’s a hard decision. That rainbow one is pretty cute!

Give me ALL cocktails in disco balls!

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