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My Go to Cocktail.

I’m a gin kind of girl. If I go out for the night or want something here at home, it’s usually a gin and tonic for me. I was introduced to them a few years ago while out with friends and haven’t looked back since. I’ve tried several different gins since my husband is really great gift giver….he comes home with different ones for me to try from time to time since he knows it’s my spirit of choice. I’ve been a Bombay Sapphire lover (and Tanqueray) for a while until he came home with a beautiful bottle of Copperworks small batch gin and then a couple of weeks later, a bottle of cask finished gin from the same distillery. Move on over Bombay – there’s a new favorite in town. I do consider it a treat since it’s not cheap. And I’ve been know not to let any of our guests drink it because I love it so (#noshame). And the bottles are SO pretty.

I’ll be playing with a couple of crafted gin cocktails recipes I have in mind for the remainder of the summer and I’ll share….because I care.

What is your cocktail of choice?

(The photo above is from last year of our beloved gin + tonics while at the airport in London on our way home from Morocco.)

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