Inspired is coming!

Hi guys!

I AM SO STINKIN’ EXCITED to share with you the project that I’ve been actively working on since May 25th. Working, people. Like learning how to code a website, build a website, come up with content, talk to people at the Department of Revenue, staying up late….ALL THE THINGS! And I’ve got three, fresh new grey hairs in my scalp to prove it!

I am opening up an online home decor shop! I KNOW, right?

It’s been something that I’ve wanted to do for about 8 months now and have always put it on the back burner because: SCARED. but also:

1. How the HECK do I do that?

2. Seriously, I have NO CLUE how to do it.

3. Who am “I” to do it?

4. I’m absolutely crazy for even CONSIDERING something like this.


But then I just decided to just do the damn thing. There’s a story behind what pushed me to pursue this project but that’s a story for another day, that I’ll share soon!

I have been freaked out of my mind working on this endeavor but also having SO MUCH FUN! Building something from scratch, on my own (shoutout to my boo, Rob who would answer the occasional questions I did have, but I mostly had some pretty intense “research dates” with Google and tried to figutre this stuff out on my own. AND I DID!) and with a vision that suits me and my personality…’s been an interesting and a reflective time for me. I’ve learned so much about myself. I did not know that this project would turn into a therapy session for me. But I am happy to begin this excting new path and am curious about where it may go. I look forward to being a part of something bigger than myself and taking myself out of my comfort zone. Launching this online store has been a dream of mine and I am FINALLY doing it! #sidehustle

I am launching a home decor shop because I LOVE home. I love everything about home. Being at home, making a home, having friends and family at my home. I am very passionate about having a place where I can unwind, be myself, be creative and love on my family and all those who enter through my doors. And I want to share that love with you. I really care about how you live in your space, how you see it and how it makes you feel. With my passion for home decor and living in a space that treats me, my family and all of those who enter well, I want to share with you high quality, yet budget friendly items for your space. Fill it to the brim with what makes you feel good. I want you to fall in love with your sanctuary.

My site will be ready to shop on July 16th, at 10am. There are lots of cool items for your home, your bar and your parties. I care about each and every product that I have in Terphaus Shop. I’ve had so much fun picking out products that I love and enjoy or want for myself. And I hope that you will fall in love with the shop as much as I have and know that if you need to know what type of glassware to serve your Friday night French 75 cocktail in or what lantern to decorate your summer patio with, I got you.

I’ll also be sharing fun ideas about how to decorate your space for a cozy night in and yummy food recipes that you can serve your family and friends. I get emailed quite a bit to ask what my recommendations are for a chicken recipe, what to put on a cheese board, what is in that cocktail I’m sipping…..I’ll share it all on the shop’s blog.

I am super excited about this adventure and I hope that you’ll join me and my community in living ridiculously well. I want you to feel welcomed here, in my online home.

Stay tuned!


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