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Color me happy.

I LIVE for color. My home has pops of color all over the place because color makes me so very happyThere are times when I’m more obsessed with a single of set of colors than others and right now I am loving me some blush. Not hot pink, not baby pink but the middle sister blush pink. These words come to mind when I think of or see the color: soft, feminine, playful, and delicate. I’ve been seeing blush all over the web and wanted to share a few of my favorite blush pink crush items with you. Read on.

1. Mad About The House  I’ve been eyeing this book for a while because it’s pink AND it’s about home decor, which is a subject I am completely in love with. It’s brand new (just came out in June) and I can’t wait to put it on my coffee table next week when it gets here.

2. Makeup + Jewelry Storage Display Case Ok, girls. Do you have eyeliner pencils, lipstick tubes and your everyday stud earrings all over your bathroom vanity and it looks like the beginning of a Hoarders episode? Just me? That’s cool. This will help me get organized and I’ll be able to find my favorite tube of red lipstick in no time.

3. Leather Passport Holder Case Put me on an airplane and I’m happy since that means an adventure is on the way. I can keep my passport and all other travel essentials nice and tidy in this case.

4. Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses I am heading to Belize next month and want some new shades for when I’m lounging by the pool. In the past few years, I’ve broken out of my basic black or dark brown sunglasses phase and am looking for ones that have a bit more personality. These are PERFECT.

Have a great weekend, beautiful!


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