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I want to share some exciting news with you! My girl, Hope has a new shop! Hope became interested in hand lettering and graphic design about a year ago and everyday since then she has practice practiced practiced and has become so good at her craft and has developed a deep love for everything design and creative (my mama heart is so happy!). She just started a new blog and opened up a new shop. Wanting to support her and add some new art to my own creative space, I bought two of my favorites and love the quality of my new prints.

You can check out her new shop on Etsy at Mihnimalist and her blog here. Go over and take a look at what’s in her shop and show her some love. She’ll be adding more items and even does commission work.

I’m so proud of what she has accomplished and am looking forward to seeing what she does with her love for everything design and creative. (I love you Hope!)


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