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Oh, hey!

It’s been a chorus of crickets over here as I’ve just been doing life and getting my soul back on the mend. Life is beautiful but also can be a shit show at times and as much as I try to be positive and look for the good, I couldn’t keep it up and needed to step away to work on some life stuff and take care of some things.

And I can say, right now, I feel good. I feel really good about where I’m headed and I’m in a good place. I am looking forward to growing and loving and living and finding the joy that I’ve been missing. Life is good.

It’s so nice to be back in this space. I’m ready to get back into the swing of things with Terphaus. Let’s get reaquainted with what I’m up to, currently. xo

Watching: Friends From College. It’s HILARIOUS and I’m now on season 2. I also just started watching The Good Place. I want to besties with Kristen.

Reading: LOTS of blog posts on business, home decor and finishing up The Turquoise Table.

Listening to on Spotify: Vancouver Sleep Clinic. I’m OBSESSED. I heard one of their songs while watching The Good Doctor and found them on Spotify. I’ve sinced listened to almost anything they have out.

Drinking: more water. I definitely need to up my H2O consumption and even have a little app that send me alerts to do so throughout the day. It helps!

Learning: how to needle punch. I am enjoying it so far and am looking forward to making something like this in the future.

Looking forward to: a concert in Vancouver in May, a date night tonight at a new place, spring (there’s still lots of snow here from this weekend’s snowfall), and adding Body Combat back into my workout schedule.




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