At Home,  Currently

Snow Days.

That photo up there is of our backyard. Snow snow snow.  We’ve been hit pretty hard the last 4 days with a snowstorm. It’s been crazy. We were supposed to get our fence repaired from the last wind storm from a couple of weeks ago, so that’s why there are missing slots. I hope once we are out from under all of this snow, we can get the backyard in good shape. Yes, I’m ready for warm weather after all of this.

I’ve not been out of my house since last Friday. Well, I did go for a walk on Sunday afernoon but otherwise, very much house bound. Lots of snow has hit us in the PNW and as of today, our local police department is advising everyone to stay home and not drive because the roads out there are pretty bad. There is SO.MUCH.SNOW. I’m not a snow lover really…..I mean, it’s pretty when I’m inside and don’t have any place to go, but I don’t really like playing in it. Or being in it in general. So I’ve been staying inside and I think I might The kids have been home from school for the last two days and tomorrow isn’t looking too promising for them go back either.

So, there’s been lots Netflix watching, reading, napping, baking, getting a workout in (love me some BodyCombat) and …. that’s about it.

The cabin fever is real so I may venture out today for a bit. I hope you’re doing well where ever you are today. Stay safe and keep warm.


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