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A Floral Pick Me Up.


Who is OVER winter? The days are grey and cold and dark. And it seems like it’ll never end.

On days like today, I need something happy to lift my mood. So, I hopped into the car after having lunch with my family and went straight to the local grocery store and beelined straight to the floral department. I NEEDED some bright color and flowers are always a sure fire way to help lift my mood. I try to have fresh flowers in my house every single week and today I did not hold back! I bought my favorites, a couple of bunches of bright, cheery yellow sunflowers. And a third bunch, that I have no idea what they are but they are yellow and made me happy as I put them in my shopping cart. Now they’re all set up in my kitchen and family room and my heart is happy. I then took to Pinterest and looked at ALL THINGS flowers. Here are some that inspired me:

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