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Podcasts I Listen To.

I am a total podcast junkie. I have listened to SO many episodes of a wide variety while driving, on vacation, cleaning the house or doing a creative project. I love to learn something new, be given a different perspective on something or just listen to a story. There are too many for me to list here but I want to share some of my favorites. There is a wide range: business, self help, mental health, storytelling. Seriously, this is just a fraction of my list. But these are the ones I’m listening to the most right now. Enjoy!

Side Hustle School/ Chris Guillebeau started this podcast back on January 2017 and has done an episode every single day since then. He has a very specific goal: “to help you start a Side Hustle and create an all-new source of income, even if you love your job and especially if you don’t have a lot of time. Starting a side hustle is like “playing entrepreneurially” without making a huge commitment.” I find it very interesting listening to the stories of people who have started side hustles and how that hustle has affected their income and life. It’s super fun to listen to and makes me feel like I can do it too! Favorite episode from WAY back: British Man Earns $700/Month Writing Fish Tank Reviews….You can really do that? Genius!

How I Built This/ Want to know how some of the best well known companies came to be? I love this podcast. The stories of how a company was built from the ground up to what it is today is told. Stitchfix, Eileen Fisher, Panera….all told how their companies came to be. Favorite episode: Rent The Runway. I use RTR myself and it was cool to hear about how Jenn built her empire.

This American Life/ This American Life is a weekly public radio program and podcast. Every week , there is a theme and several stories get put together on those themes. It’s very eye opening and has given me a different way of looking at things. And some of these stories are just fascinating. Favorite episode: Are We There Yet?

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard/ Since I love his wife Kristen Bell, I automatically love Dax. He sits down in his house in the attic (I think. the photos on Instagram look like he’s in the house attic and I think K mentioned that it’s where he records.) and just talks with people. He’s had some amazing guests on the show: Brené Brown, Ted Danson, John Gottman, Ellen Degeneres. It’s low key, easy and laidback. Kristen has been on the show a few times too. There are too many favorites to choose. If I had to choose one favorite though, it would be this one: Kristen Bell.

Dear Sugars/ Hosted by author (of many books, but most notably, WILD) Cheryl Strayed and sidekick, Steve Almond, read letters from listeners and answer them on air. They are so kind, honest and show a lot of empathy when answering letters. They are no longer doing the podcast but are playing old episodes. “The podcast fields all your questions — no matter how deep or dark — and offers radical empathy in return.” Favorite episode: We Love Friendship

Others on my list: Goal Digger, Stuff You Should Know, Trailercast, The Moth.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorites?


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