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Michelle Obama’s Intimate “BECOMING” Conversation

Guys. Michelle Obama. I love that woman. Rob and I took a trip up north to Vancouver, British Columbia to see her speak. Her new book, “Becoming” came out in November and I’m in the process of reading it now. I started it before she came to to town but didn’t finish it by the time we saw her last Thursday. That’s ok! I’m about a third of the way through it and am even more excited to finish it.

I’ve been a fan of Michelle’s for a while now. After hearing her speak and seeing her more in the spotlight shortly after Obama took office, I became very interested in her, maybe about a year after she became the First Lady. I’m not one for politics normally but have since became a little more interested in it since the recent political climate has changed, but I was especially interested in and LOVED the fact that she, Obama and her girls were the first African American family in the White House. What a big moment in history. But then when I saw her dancing in the Ellen Degeneres Show dancing, I fell in love her. I didn’t know much about her background and was excited when her book came out and I started hearing little bits and pieces about it. Then when I heard about her tour, I made sure I signed up for the pre-sale and bought tickets right away. Rob wanted to go with me and so we decided to make a weekend out of it by heading up to our favorite city.

We got the Vancouver in the afternoon and had a couple of hours to rest up before heading to the arena. Once we get there, we head inside and I can hear the music coming from inside the arena and it was SO GOOD. I love music. Good music too. Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga,  Beyoncé, Janelle Monáe….and it was awesome. I looked it up to see if it’s available to listen to and IT IS! It’s called the The Michelle Obama Musiaqualogy. “Volume one of the playlist is comprised of music from 1964-1979, volume two is comprised of music from 1980-1997, and volume three is comprised of music from 1997-2018. Questlove of The Roots actually curated a soundtrack for the Becoming tour, and if you attend one of her tour events you’ll likely hear it. The playlist comes in three volumes, and features songs by exactly who you’d expect Obama to love: Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Sam Cooke, and more.” HAPPY DANCE!

While music was playing, up on the big screen and jumbotron you could read the #IAmBecoming Twitter threads as people posted that they were there for the tour and pictures of themselves. Then closer to the start time of the show, photos of Michelle and her life were shown along with audible quotes from Michelle reading different passages in her book. After a few minutes, the commentator for the night, Robin Roberts, came out and introduced herself and then showed a video montage of people of all different shapes, sizes, colors, genders saying how they are BECOMING.

“I am becoming more vocal.”

I am becoming more involved in my community.”

“I am becoming a queen!” (a little 4 year old girl said this and I got tears in my eyes.)

“I am becoming, me.”

After this montage, I was just so choked up and my face just started crumbling. Into an ugly cry. Yes, the ugly cry. And no shame in it. A good cry is good for you! So let those tears flooooowwww.

The montage was just so beautifully done and so inspiring and it just made me feel SO good to be a part of this beautiful human race. It was just a sudden and overwhelming emotion that came over me. I briefly let my face crumble but managed to pull it together and straighten myself out and let a few tears fall.

BUT then.

Robin said “And now I introduce to you, Michelle Obama!” I saw Michelle walk out and it was all I could do to keep myself from WAILING. I am NOT joking. I wanted to SOB. This face crumbled up again and the flood of intense emotion washed over me again. All of a sudden. It was crazy. I had to GET IT TOGETHER. I was in PUBLIC! I was just so HAPPY to be in the same building as someone such as her. Someone I admire and respect. Someone I never thought I would ever witness be in her position. Someone who is real, authentic, and tells it like it is. Someone who dances on the Jimmy Fallon Show, for crying outloud – as the First Lady. I was just so ready to hear what she had to say, to laugh with her, to be inspired by her story.

And it was amazing. Michelle is hilarious. She has such a great sense of humor. She seems so relaxed and open and just plain REAL. Like you can sit and chat with her – like she’s your BFF. She talked about her childhood, growing up in Chicago, poor, but in a house full of love. She and her family didn’t have much but that did not stop her parents from giving to her and her older brother, Craig, what they needed and instilling in each of them the strength, morals and foundation that they live their lives by today. She talked about going to school and her group of girlfriends. She mentioned this one part when she said she appreciated her group of girlfriends and how they were there for her during her transition to motherhood with her first child, Malia. She said she’d get frustrated and go to her girlfriends and say “Girl. Should I do it? Should I throw him out the window?” Girl, she is just like you and me! She gets frustrated and tired and overwhelmed. Her and Barack have gone to marriage counseling. She has tried her best to give her girls the best life possible all while trying to raise them on the most public stage in the world.

I absolutely loved her story on meeting Obama. She calls him “swagalicious”. “It’s someone that has swag. And if you don’t know what swag is, then you don’t have it,” she said to Stephen Colbert. LOL!

She hasn’t had it easy being married to the President of the United States and in the spotlight all of the time. She’s been ridiculed, has been called absolutely horrible and ugly things and has had to stand with a smile on her face and be civil and polite in the face of ugliness. What a strong woman. What an unbelievably strong and admirable woman she is.

Michelle did mention some things about today’s current political climate without saying any names. That’s because she’s #classy. But she said “Use your voice. Your voice and your story matters. We’re all connected and are so much more the same than we are different.” It was just so refreshing to hear kind words. Warm. Uplifting and encouraging words.

I really did not want the night to end. I could have listened to her talk all night long. I am so, SO happy that we had the chance to see and hear this amazing woman share her story, in her own words. Her story is our story.

And can I just say…..she looks DAMN good for 55 years old. I mean…for real.

Hi beautiful! What would you like to say?