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How Did You Meet Your Significant Other?

I made this and framed a copy of it to give to Rob for our 21st wedding anniversary.

Rob and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary yesterday. It was a low key celebration as we are coming off of our 14 day vacation to Chile a few days ago. Last year for our 20th, he surprised me with a trip to Shanghai, China. I thought we were going to Canada! 😂 He comes up with GREAT surprises and gifts for special occasions.

We went to dinner at a local Italian restaurant in our neighborhood and brought a nice bottle of wine from home with us to celebrate. We ate on the restaurant’s outdoor patio and enjoyed a warm night and gorgeous sunset and one another’s company. We had yummy pasta, and finished with tiramisu for dessert. It was a lovely evening.

Every year, during our anniversary, I think of the beginning. Of how our love story started. And this year I wanted to do something to commemorate the memory with a cheeky and funny little gift that I made in Photoshop and gifted it to him at dinner. He started laughing and thought it was awesome. So do I! I love how we met and that it includes a place such at 7-11 of all places. I mean, who knew?

We were 18 when we met that September night in 1994 over Slurpees on Nickerson Street in Seattle and we’ve been stuck by the hip since then. 

So, 25 years ago this really cute guy and his friends followed me and my friends to a local 7-11 for a Slurpee Run. We were both attending Seattle Pacific University as freshmen and it was our first week on campus.
Eventually, all of us ended up outside 7-11 in the parking lot. I was talking to my friends and looked up and there he was. He smiled at me. He walked over to me and introduced himself. 

I was hooked and smitten. Completely.

As we were walking back to our dorm with our group of friends, we walked together and shared a Slurpee. He said “I think there’s something wrong with my slurpee. It doesn’t taste right.” I completely fell for this pickup line and said, “Do you want some of mine?” And he said yes and took a few sips of my cherry red Slurpee.

We became fast friends and would make any excuse to see each other. Good thing we had classes together. We eventually came to our senses (by being locked out in the dorm hallway by a friend and were forbidden to come back in until we became boyfriend and girlfriend) and started dating 2 months later. The rest is history.

Fast forward 25 years. 

Happily married 21 of those years, raising two Terplets, living our best life life, filled with adventure and lots of love….it’s been a ride and none of this would be possible if we didn’t share a Slurpee that night. 

I couldn’t imagine anyone else I’d rather drink a Slurpee with. Thank heavens for 7-11, LOL!

How did you meet your partner? I’d love to hear your story!


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