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Small Batch Jewelry \\ New to Terphaus!

Wear Your Love Heart Stud Earrings, brand new to Terphaus!

Hello February!♥️

While everyday is a good day to celebrate love, everyone knows the one day it outshines the rest of the month.

I made these cute little heart earrings to help you wear your love this month and ALL year long.

Handmade in small batches, the Terphaus Jewelry Collection is new to the shop. I am really excited to get back to jewelry making and sharing my love for it with you.

This month, Terphaus features “Wear Your Love” which is made of these cute little red hearts. They are SUPER light, are perfect to wear to the office, while doing a Target run or date night and they are a great addition to your day and life.

Each earring is handmade and tended to with loving care.
Since each is handmade, variations make these earrings unique and no two are alike.
Small batch and limited, once these beauties are gone, they are gone.

Materials include polymer clay, resin, and gold plated post backs with rubber stoppers. You can find them in the shop, right now in the shop, for $15 + FREE SHIPPING! Yay!♥️

Cute little hearts!

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