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Let’s Talk About Self Love, Part II

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!

Today isn’t just for lovers….it’s also a day to celebrate YOU. To show yourself some love. Last week, we talked about what self love is and the start of my own personal journey with it. Today, let’s talk about a few simple ways to practice and bring some self love to you and your beautiful life. Below are 25 ways to do just that.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is on their own journey.

2. Buy yourself fresh flowers, weekly. This is my favorite way to bring color and joy into my day and week. And it just feel so special to have pretty blooms to look at all week.

3. Do something for yourself – yes, just YOU – and don’t feel guilty about it.

4. Take yourself for a walk.

5. Eat the damn piece of cake.

6. Make plans with friends.

7. Get a massage.

8. Feel your feelings and know that they are OK and valid.

9. Repeat to yourself, “I am enough.” And believe it.

10. Snuggle with your special someone. Or your pet.

11. Rest. Take a nap in the middle of the day. Guilt free.

12. Laugh loud. Laugh often.

13. Put on some cute heels and wear red lipstick on your grocery store run.

14. Go to bed early. Before you do, sprinkle a couple of drops of lavender essential oil onto your pillow.

15. Say “no”, also guilt free. This is a hard one, but with practice, becomes easier and feels good.

16. Light a candle while you cook dinner. (This is one of my favorite things to do.)

17. Go on a solo date. A museum, a walk through the craft store (I LOVE doing this), out to breakfast or lunch at a new to you restaurant.

18. Try something new. A cooking or dance class is a good start.

19. Invite your friends over for a girls night in.

20. When someone compliments you, simply say, “Thank you.”

21. Likewise, give someone else a compliment. It feels good to notice something good about someone else.

22. Buy yourself something that you’ve always wanted. Again, guilt free.

23. Each night before bed, write in your gratitude journal. If you don’t have a physical journal to write in, there are lots of apps that will do that exact same thing. My favorite is Day One (it’s free!).

24. DANCE! Turn on some music and shake what your mama gave you.

25. Make a list of all the things you like about yourself.

What are some ways that you show yourself some love? What are your favorites from the list above? Remember, YOU ARE LOVED here. Today and always.


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