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Let’s Talk About Self Love, Part III

I love songs that speak to me, my worth and I often turn to music to lift my spirits. Or to jump start a dance party in my kitchen. Today I put together a playlist of some of my “I’m a badass, I love myself, I am worthy, and I feel good” songs for you to play whenever you need a little boost in your day.

What are your favorites? Mine is Love Myself by Olivia O’Brien and ALWAYS “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman (the BEST movie EVER!).


Terphaus’ “I’m a badass-love myself-am worthy-feel good” song list.♥️

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  • Astrid's Words

    Songs are great. I love listening to love songs and imagining that I’m singing to the person in the mirror instead of singing to someone else or someone else singing to me. It helps me feel loved on my own.

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