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Beautiful Words to Share

Hello Wednesday.

I just wanted to share this beautiful quote that I heard on one of my favorite TV shows,“This Is Us”. Do you watch it?  

I love the show because it has beautiful and real moments and honestly shows the whole “human experience” – the good, the bad, the hard and easy, the ups and downs, the heart warming and the absolute heart wrenching. All of it.

I was watching the Season 4 finale and these words struck me. I was doing a word search (one of my favorite ways to unwind in the evening) while I was watching and stopped immediately when I heard this line. A doctor was giving some comforting advice to the two main characters, Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, as they are parents celebrating their triplets’ first birthday while mourning the loss of their baby. What he said totally struck me and made me stop and rewind and forward and rewind to get write down the whole quote.

It’s now written in my journal. It perfectly captures life, doesn’t it? I am someone who, growing up, would try to look good on the outside. Everything was GREAT! No problems here! Growing up as a pastor’s kid, it is what I was taught to do. It’s how I lived. But that gets so tiring after a while. And it’s not real. I had to re-teach myself that life is filled with it all – beauty, love, goodness as well as tragedy, trauma, and pain. And all of it belongs. And that it’s ok to be vulnerable and SHOW those parts of the human experience – the joys and the pains. No one will get out of this life without having experienced these parts of life. No one.  

And in the end, at the end of the day, I feel, that life does definitely shake out to be more beautiful than tragic. I love that with life, there are so many facets to it, so many chances to learn, so much to embrace. So many chances to rise up, to change, to overcome. To LIVE. All of it.

Let’s allow our joy and heartache to get mixed up together. Let them get cozy. It’s all a beautiful mess. 


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