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    How Did You Meet Your Significant Other?

    Rob and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary yesterday. It was a low key celebration as we are coming off of our 14 day vacation to Chile a few days ago. Last year for our 20th, he surprised me with a trip to Shanghai, China. I thought we were going to Canada! 😂 He comes up with GREAT surprises and gifts for special occasions. We went to dinner at a local Italian restaurant in our neighborhood and brought a nice bottle of wine from home with us to celebrate. We ate on the restaurant’s outdoor patio and enjoyed a warm night and gorgeous sunset and one another’s company. We had…

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    Michelle Obama’s Intimate “BECOMING” Conversation

    Guys. Michelle Obama. I love that woman. Rob and I took a trip up north to Vancouver, British Columbia to see her speak. Her new book, “Becoming” came out in November and I’m in the process of reading it now. I started it before she came to to town but didn’t finish it by the time we saw her last Thursday. That’s ok! I’m about a third of the way through it and am even more excited to finish it. I’ve been a fan of Michelle’s for a while now. After hearing her speak and seeing her more in the spotlight shortly after Obama took office, I became very interested…

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    A List of Things to Quit.

    I saw this on a friend’s Facebook page the other day and immediately saved it to share. It’s a “List of Things to Quit” by new to me poet, Amy Turn Sharp. And I’ve become a big fan of hers in the last few days and am reading and soaking in anything I come across from her. I just wanted to share her goodness with you. Enjoy! xo (words by Amy, photo design by me)

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    A Friday Night Playlist.

    Oh, man, I LOVE me a Friday night. It’s the end of the week and while there may be some weekend obligations, I always look forward to ending the week with my family and a little dance party. Everyday is the perfect day to dance but on a Friday night? PERFECT and such a fun way to usher in a weekend. We always have music playing in our home, but on TGIF nights, it’s extra special to me. Rob and I will make a cocktail and the family will gather in the kitchen and have dinner, turn the music up (and sometimes, turn on the disco ball) and enjoy catching…

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    A Floral Pick Me Up.

    Guys. Who is OVER winter? The days are grey and cold and dark. And it seems like it’ll never end. On days like today, I need something happy to lift my mood. So, I hopped into the car after having lunch with my family and went straight to the local grocery store and beelined straight to the floral department. I NEEDED some bright color and flowers are always a sure fire way to help lift my mood. I try to have fresh flowers in my house every single week and today I did not hold back! I bought my favorites, a couple of bunches of bright, cheery yellow sunflowers. And…

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    Color me happy.

    I LIVE for color. My home has pops of color all over the place because color makes me so very happy. There are times when I’m more obsessed with a single of set of colors than others and right now I am loving me some blush. Not hot pink, not baby pink but the middle sister blush pink. These words come to mind when I think of or see the color: soft, feminine, playful, and delicate. I’ve been seeing blush all over the web and wanted to share a few of my favorite blush pink crush items with you. Read on. 1. Mad About The House  I’ve been eyeing this book for a…

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    Cocktails in Belize.

    The family and I are headed to the sandy beaches of Belize this summer and WE CANNOT WAIT! This is our first time in Central America and we’re all excited to see what Belize is all about. We’ll be zip lining, cave tubing, ruin exploring, sitting by the pool and enjoying living like a Belizean for a few weeks. One thing I’m looking forward to that I’ve not done much in regular life or on vacation is sitting by the pool, sipping on cold cocktails. I’ve done it like two times in my life because 1). I live in Seattle. There really isn’t a thing as sitting by the pool…