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    My Favorite Drugstore Buys

    I love me some beauty products. Lotions, body washes and lip sticks and glosses are my favorite. I use MAC for my face powder and foundation (for the last 16 years. It WORKS!) but I tend to hit the local drugstore for all of the other things I use in my beauty routine for a much more budget friendly option. My routine is pretty basic. I don’t tend to spend a ton of time on my routine, as I like for it to be quick and simple. These products definitely help me to do just that. Do you use drugstore products or items from higher end stores? What are your…

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    Rug Love

    In the midst of completing our bedroom makeover, I’ve been looking all over to find a rug that fits perfectly into our new space. I’m still on the lookout for something to pull our room all together – it’s out there somewhere! – but in the meantime, I’ve found some other cute ones and I thought I’d share some rug inspiration with you today. I personally have a special spot for moroccan ones after visiting the beautiful country in 2017 and I wanted to bring one home so bad! One day it will HAPPEN! Which one do you like?

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    Color me happy.

    I LIVE for color. My home has pops of color all over the place because color makes me so very happy. There are times when I’m more obsessed with a single of set of colors than others and right now I am loving me some blush. Not hot pink, not baby pink but the middle sister blush pink. These words come to mind when I think of or see the color: soft, feminine, playful, and delicate. I’ve been seeing blush all over the web and wanted to share a few of my favorite blush pink crush items with you. Read on. 1. Mad About The House  I’ve been eyeing this book for a…

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    Cocktails in Belize.

    The family and I are headed to the sandy beaches of Belize this summer and WE CANNOT WAIT! This is our first time in Central America and we’re all excited to see what Belize is all about. We’ll be zip lining, cave tubing, ruin exploring, sitting by the pool and enjoying living like a Belizean for a few weeks. One thing I’m looking forward to that I’ve not done much in regular life or on vacation is sitting by the pool, sipping on cold cocktails. I’ve done it like two times in my life because 1). I live in Seattle. There really isn’t a thing as sitting by the pool…

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    Amazon Love.

    Amazon. The love affair is real you guys. If I’m being honest, I could say I’m obsessed. It’s not my fault though. They make it SO convenient to buy what you need (and want and lust and have). I order practically everything from the online store and am obsessed with the fact that I can sit in my pajamas, add items to my shopping cart and have it all delivered to me in two days (sometimes one day if I’m fast enough). Who else is guilty of having Amazon boxes show up on their front porch more days of the week than not? Me! And I have #noshame. I…