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    How Did You Meet Your Significant Other?

    Rob and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary yesterday. It was a low key celebration as we are coming off of our 14 day vacation to Chile a few days ago. Last year for our 20th, he surprised me with a trip to Shanghai, China. I thought we were going to Canada! 😂 He comes up with GREAT surprises and gifts for special occasions. We went to dinner at a local Italian restaurant in our neighborhood and brought a nice bottle of wine from home with us to celebrate. We ate on the restaurant’s outdoor patio and enjoyed a warm night and gorgeous sunset and one another’s company. We had…

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    What do you LOVE about YOURSELF?

    Love. Love for your glorious, beautiful and worthy self. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. Growing up, I wasn’t taught about self love. It wasn’t really an idea in our household. I realize that my parents did the best that they could with what they had, but as an adult raising my own children now, I feel as though this important piece was definitely missing. And it’s something that I fiercely believe in and am determined to teach my children. To love themselves. That they don’t have to be perform to be loved. That they can make a mistake and still be loved. That I believe in them…

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    Oh, hey! It’s been a chorus of crickets over here as I’ve just been doing life and getting my soul back on the mend. Life is beautiful but also can be a shit show at times and as much as I try to be positive and look for the good, I couldn’t keep it up and needed to step away to work on some life stuff and take care of some things. And I can say, right now, I feel good. I feel really good about where I’m headed and I’m in a good place. I am looking forward to growing and loving and living and finding the joy that…

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    My Go to Cocktail.

    I’m a gin kind of girl. If I go out for the night or want something here at home, it’s usually a gin and tonic for me. I was introduced to them a few years ago while out with friends and haven’t looked back since. I’ve tried several different gins since my husband is really great gift giver….he comes home with different ones for me to try from time to time since he knows it’s my spirit of choice. I’ve been a Bombay Sapphire lover (and Tanqueray) for a while until he came home with a beautiful bottle of Copperworks small batch gin and then a couple of weeks later,…

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    Thoughts on the 4th.

    Today is America’s holiday. It’s a bittersweet one for me, this year. As much as I love being able to live the free life that I do, lately my country has been a scary place to live. Seeing people hurt, be nasty to others, put others on the bottom of the priority list just hurts my heart. Not everyone who is here on this land is free. While being in the land of the free, I can go where I want, live how I want, be who I want. While strides have been made and some things are getting better, we still have a long ways to go. I am…

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